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In a nod to their origins as a hunting/fishing breed, Labrador retrievers are classified as part of the AKC sporting group, which means they’re willing to retrieve anything—from downed ducks to that Frisbee you accidentally flung in the bushes.

At around the same time, the fifth Duke of Buccleuch and his brother Lord John Scott started importing dogs from a Newfoundland fishing fleet that sailed into the River Clyde to use as gundogs on the Queensberry estates in the Scottish borders. They had also realised what an extraordinary dog the Labrador was and so established their own kennels in around 1835.

Contemporary Art and Illustration. Series: Golden Retriever. I have been painting animal portraits from an early age. Limited Signed Print. Original media used: Ink pen, water-colour on Water-colour board.

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When picking your new Labrador, you might be looking for an adult rather than a puppy. When rehoming from rescue centers you won’t in all likelihood have a choice of colour, but you will be getting the opportunity to give a lovely Labrador a better life.

Labradors have a reputation as a very even-tempered breed and an excellent family dog.[5] This includes a good reputation with children of all ages and other animals.[15] Some lines, particularly those that have continued to be bred specifically for their skills at working in the field (rather than for their appearance), are particularly fast and athletic. Their fun-loving boisterousness and lack of fear may require training and firm handling at times to ensure it does not get out of hand—an uncontrolled adult can be quite problematic. Females may be slightly more independent than males.[15] Labradors mature at around three years of age; before this time they can have a significant degree of puppy-like energy, often mislabelled as being hyperactive.[15][45] Because of their enthusiasm, leash-training early on is suggested to prevent pulling when full-grown.[46] Labradors often enjoy retrieving a ball endlessly (often obsessively) and other forms of activity (such as agility, frisbee, or flyball).

At 4 months of age, our own Lab, Dakota, was relaxing in the backyard with me. We both heard a noise from behind us and turned to see a 7-year old boy standing a couple of feet from us. Both of us jumped and both of us were not happy. Even though the boy had come over to see the puppy, he did so in a manner that scared Dakota so badly that she became fearful of any boy around that age. As soon as she sees one, the fur on her back will stand up and she will bark wildly. Is she aggressive? No, she is not. How do we know that? Simply because her tail is wagging wildly as well and she backs away from the boy. In order to combat this fear, we bring her to places with other people in varying ages and when we see a little boy, we ignore her behavior. We then tell the boy to talk to us for a minute while ignoring Dakota’s action. After a minute of us ignoring her, she slowly creeps towards the boy, sniffs him, and then starts to lick his hand. It is only at that point do we allow the boy to pet her. This has been going on for several months now and Dakota is almost perfect around little boys now. This never did turn into fear biting because we worked immediately to reprogram her fear and show her there was nothing to be afraid of. Had we not done so, it could have easily turned into fear biting.

Coat: The Labrador Retriever’s coat should be short and dense, but not wiry. The coat is water-resistant, so the dog does not get cold when taking to water in the winter. That means that the dog naturally has a slightly dry, oily coat. Acceptable colours are black, yellow, and chocolate.[5]

Playful. Life is just a game to your average Labrador. They love chase, ball-games, playing with other dogs and lots of activity. As they get older they can become a little lazy, but if kept at a healthy weight will often stay playful into middle age.

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2. The meaning of true love as in the feeling that someone has your best interests at heat and won’t let you down or leave you because she cares for you as much as you care for her (see below for more of an explanation).

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Lastly, dogs that bite or threaten to bite out of aggression have a serious problem that must be dealt with immediately. Most canine aggression problems start slowly and progressively get worse. Recognize the early signs of aggression and seek help immediately if see your dog do any of the following:

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Let your dog stand up and place your dogs paw on a blank piece of paper. For length mark from the longest toenail to the back of the paw. For width mark the widest of the paw left to right. Measure paw’s width for the best fit.

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    I’m not sure when I first met Labradors but I think it was Poppy and Oscar, who belonged to a dear late friend of mine, Alice Benkert. It was breed love at first sight. The snout and the ears. The body shape and that personality. 

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