“labrador retriever american or english in labrador retrievers black coat color is dominant to brown”

The transition back to city life was tough for both of us but together we resettled. She accompanied me on photo shoots and TV shows but her greatest coup came when she helped find me a wife. It was 2004 and we were walking together in Hyde Park when I spotted a beautiful blonde girl running with her Labrador Maggi. It was fate, and Marina and I married with marzipan figurines of the two Labradors on our wedding cake. The dogs even came on our honeymoon.

Wondering if anyone will have had a similar experience as me. My 1.5 year old lab mix is a skinny boy. His mother was from trial stock, so he’s definitely a leaner looking lab – not to mention extremely long, tall and leggy. He’s mixed with a little bit of golden retriever, so if anything, you’d think that would have bulked him out a bit. Anyways, he’s always been super lean. Right now he’s just under 75 lbs, but with his lanky frame, he could easily be 80. He was originally on Wellness Core (large breed kibble), but we kept running into gastro problems with him. Towards the end of his tenure on that food, we actually got him up to 77 lbs, and he was looking great. He was having such frequent diarreah though, that we decided to switch to Royal Canin Gastro food for a while at the suggestion of our vet. I wasn’t thrilled about putting him on it, but I was desperate to get his GI issues under control. Within a week and a half on that food however, he was acting ravenous, and suddenly became a poop eater! I did more research, and decided that he likely needed more protein in his diet. We switched him to Orijen, and at first, it worked wonders. His stools were the best they’ve ever been. A little over a week on the new food however, and I noticed he was losing weight pretty rapidly. I upped the amount slowly, and he suddenly had the runs. I know that the food is super rich, and you’re not supposed to overfeed, but if I don’t, he drops weight like crazy – the opposite issue we wanted. So now, I’m trying to over feed him by only a little, but he’s still losing weight, and sometimes has runny poops. 90% of them are perfect. I supplement with rice a lot to try and get some carbs into him so he’s not so boney.

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I love labs because of how loyal and loving they are and how they help to heal us as humans I suffer from anxiety having horrific anxiety attacks and panic attacks and the one thing that helped me with this was getting my lab Duncan. We have a great bond and he seems to understand when I am feeling low or anxious and will watch and sit with me doing to cheer me up. When days are bad in work I am always greeted with a helicopter tail wagging madly when I get home. He loves me for who I am and doesnt mind my extra few pounds gained over Christmas. I love him and am so grateful we found each other – I am lucky to have a lab x

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The Labrador breed standard says that temperament is as much a hallmark of the breed as the “otter tail.” The ideal Labrador is kindly, outgoing and tractable, eager to please, and tends not to be aggressive toward people or other animals.

by September B. Morn, Pam Tanzey (Illustrator). Virtually every aspect of training is covered, including housebreaking and paper training, basic obedience, teaching the animal to obey both verbal commands and hand signals, retrieving, and walking on a leash. Also covered are humane methods of breaking a dog’s bad habits, such as begging, jumping on people, unnecessary barking, and biting or showing other forms of aggressive behavior. The typical Labrador Retriever is relatively easy to train. The author takes readers step-by-step through her method, which emphasizes positive reinforcement. Filled with instructive full-color photos. Paperback, 176 pages.

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Amazing that I came upon this website tonight–when truly in need. I’m having a real tough time and awfully torn. Our still beautiful (huge) and regal black lab just turned 15 last week and has become more and more incontinent in the last days. He’s having a harder time getting outside–those rear legs not coordinating. The hardest part is that he’s still eating, enjoying his dog biscuits and wagging his tail for us. He does not seem to be in pain, but I know he doesn’t like falling down or finding himself lying in his urine either. I’m finding consolation in the “why wait for the suffering” comments.. I’m thinking I should do something before lots of family (including little grandchildren)arrive for Easter. But then I can’t believe I’m really thinking this. The thought playing God and deciding his exit is overwhelming. We are fortunate to have a traveling vet in the area who euthanized our previous dog 15 yrs ago—and think I’m ready to give her a call to do the same. I am so, so sad and conflicted!! Any words of wisdom and encouragement would sure be welcomed

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Eye problems are also possible in some Labradors, particularly progressive retinal atrophy, cataracts,[65] corneal dystrophy[62] and retinal dysplasia. Dogs which are intended to be bred should be examined by a veterinary ophthalmologist for an eye score.

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    Head: The head should be broad with slightly pronounced eyebrows. The eyes should be kind and expressive. Appropriate eye colours are brown and hazel. The lining around the eyes should be black. The ears should hang close to the head and set slightly above the eyes.
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