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Artist Kay Johns was born in Hertfordshire, England in 1964. She spent most of her childhood around horses, riding around the beautiful Chiltern Hills and surrounding countryside. Always having a house full of pets, and an extreme passion for painting and drawing, painting pets and wildlife was an obvious choice of subject matter.

Love’s Labradors puppies are whelped at home within a few steps from the bed. I find that the personal and constant touch 24/7 helps insure a stable and well socialized labrador retriever puppy coming home with you. At the time of the puppy deposit agreement \ is agreed upon this includes the 30 month guarantee for all the above testing listed. I email a labrador retriever puppy health form that states the home preparations needed for your new puppy, the need for above board cleanliness and sanitation, shots and worming schedule for both puppies and Mom to take in with you to your Vet at first puppy visit which I recommend within 72 hours in getting home. I follow-up after the puppy is home with you to make certain all is going perfect and to answer any further questions you may have.

Show your love for your Lab with our socks, T-shirts for kids and grownups, wall clocks, wrist watches, magnets, Chocolate lab pillows and other Labrador merchandise. All capture the warm, chocolate brown color of this sweet-natured lab with brown eyes and nose to match its brown coat. We have dozens of gifts and collectibles to show your love for Labs. Animal Den is a top-rated American Internet store that guarantees your satisfaction 100 percent with every purchase.

Today, their temperament recommends the Labrador retriever as family pets, since the dogs are outgoing, pleasant and kind. They mature at a relatively late age, which makes them behave like puppies long after most of their counterparts no longer exhibit the same energy levels. Framed Labrador Retriever Art will rarely depict the dog sitting idle, which comes as no surprise given the fact that they burst with energy. They are also famous for their excellent sense of smell, that led military and police forces to use them in missions that involve the tracking of smugglers or prohibited substances.

The Labrador breed standard says that temperament is as much a hallmark of the breed as the “otter tail.” The ideal Labrador is kindly, outgoing and tractable, eager to please, and tends not to be aggressive toward people or other animals.

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Software-rendered images of designs and licensing to the designs used on this site were purchased from the following: Dakota Collectibles, Embroidery Library, Inc, Balboa Threadworks, Dusan Balarad, Ahead Graphics, Bates Design, Terri Hanson of Terradon Embroidery, BFC-Creations, and SanBar Designs. Some designs are based upon clipart by Argostar and Clipartopolis. By law we can not sell the computerized design files of others. We don’t sell our own files either. Please, don’t even ask!

Hi my name is Lerato,I’m 15 old and I got my first labrador last October on the 19th to be exact,I’ve never spent a night away from my lab,Milkshake,seems like a lost cuddle whenever I think about leaving him….he recently turned 5 months and is growing super well!!!He is a gentle giant,and he’s a white lab with brown tipped ears,who enjoys swimming,jogging and stealing treats right from the box!!I love him so much that I talk about him 12 hours out of the day..I fear this may be too long,so I’m gonna stop.#labs4life#

Love’s Labradors Puppies new homes are screened to make certain they are going to the best home that is best for them and the new owners. The new puppy needs to be first a family dog and second the hunting dog (that is if they are going to utilize the lab for hunting). If the personality and energy level of the lab and family are not well matched, please return the Labrador and let’s collectively get you properly matched with the right Labrador for you and your family.

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My black lab is 4 and a half. We just had to put down our 14 yr old german shepherd a few months ago (his dog, but I still got attached) and that made me appreciate every single day for, hopefully, the next 10 years with my lab. he is my best friend and I cannot imagine life without him by my side. Also, now I am used to having a dog with me and I am worried about what will happen when his time comes that day. will I wait to get a new dog? Should I get a different breed or gender so I don’t feel like I am betraying my best friend?

Unfortunately cows milk is not well suited to puppies and may give your puppy diarrhoea.  You can buy replacement bitches milk but an eight week old puppy is actually weaned and doesn’t need milk at all.

This is a highly detailed, beautiful and stunning Limited edition Print.Personally signed and numbered by one of the Worlds Leading Canine Artists,John Silver. Printed onHighest Quality “Heavyweight” Archival Fine Art Paper (100% Cotton Rag. ).

Prints of original Labrador Retriever paintings, photographs, and digital images by Amy Reges. I strive to capture an emotion or moment in time in a simple, abstract style; the essence of the feeling we share with our animal friends. If you are interested in the original Labrador Retriever paintings visit OtterTail Lab Art and contact Amy at otail@htva.net. Share the Spirit!

You know that friend who’s happiest in the kitchen (most likely with his Lab underfoot)? He’ll be sure to put this sturdy cookie cutter to good use. It can be used for human or dog treats! Of course, if he decides he wants to use it to make you a little thank you gift, all the better.

I’ve found yellow labs to be protective and kind in their nature but strong willed and loyal. Black labs have a slightly more playful side, but equally as clever and loyal. The chocolate labs are far more bouncy, thicker set in stature than the black lab and are slightly harder to train and easily excitable. All 3 colours make great dogs, but in my opinion yellow and black labs make best pets.

Heartworms are foot-long worms that live in the heart, lungs, and major blood vessels of pets. It sounds like something from a horror movie, but worse… it’s a reality. Whilst US dog owners rightly worry about heartworm, this parasite can also infect cats and ferrets, along with wild mammals such as coyotes, wolves, and foxes.

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