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This is NOT a print. Original oil painting on premium canvas panel board. The painting is signed by the artist T. F. Lu. Here’s more info on the artist Dog Portrait. Artworks collected byMusic School …

Item one: Labs shed. A lot. You’ll have less hair lying around the house if you brush your Lab once or twice a week so that the hair goes onto the brush instead of onto your furniture and clothes. A rubber curry brush and a metal shedding blade or wire slicker brush are your new best friends.

When it comes to chocolate Lab gifts, they can be harder to come by than those starring black Labradors. fortunately there are a couple of lovely, fun chocolate Lab ornaments for you to choose from.

I think many of us choose our dogs on the basis that we think they reflect our own personalities. They are like hairy ambassadors for the people we would like to be and this must be one reason families choose the Labrador as a role model for their children. 

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Zanjeer (“Chain”, or “Shackles”), a detection dog who detected arms and ammunition used in 1993 Mumbai (Bombay) serial explosions. During his service, he helped recover 57 country-made bombs, 175 patrol bombs, 11 military grade armaments, 242 grenades and 600 detonators. His biggest contribution to the police force and the city was the detection of 3,329 kg of RDX. He also helped detect 18 Type 56 rifles and five 9mm pistols.

Yellow Lab, Chocolate Lab, Black Lab, yes please! But for those single-Labrador Retriever homes, any of these gifts might do in the place of a Lab of each color. Yellow Lab owners might love Yellow Labs, but no Lab-lover will turn down a Chocolate Lab scarf. Here are 20 items that are must-haves for every Lab lover:

My last fury soulmate taught me alot about how to love a dog and how much kindness and true love is a vertue that needs to be kept alive very day and night your with your beloved girl, be it irrespective of a human or otherwise.

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It is gorgeous! Norma is a dream to work with. Love her work & her sweetness. d 9 ( 16. This piece is titled “Yellow Labrador” and she is a 12″ by 12″ original oil on canvas with the sides painted. ).

Labradors can also be a little accident prone due to their high-energy, enthusiastic personality. This enthusiasm extends towards sometimes eating unusual things around the home or at the park, with a high risk of gastroenteritis or surgery for foreign bodies.

8. She taught me the best way of keeping safe in life is to always be on gaurd and to stay safe by only trusting those around me and to know when to back off from a situation that makes me uncomfortable.

Let your dog stand up and place your dogs paw on a blank piece of paper. For length mark from the longest toenail to the back of the paw. For width mark the widest of the paw left to right. Measure paw’s width for the best fit.

NOTE: The pictures make him look black, but I can attest that he is the beautiful chocolate color these labs are known for having. Great displayed only condition – one small blemish in paint on his ri…

Now, the little guy couldn’t be more handsome, affectionate and incredibly smart. He is now 12 weeks old, arrived 5 days ago and we do not kid you that he is already house trained! He goes to our back deck door and sits patiently for us to open the door and then he goes down the 12 steps, does his business and runs right back up. He learned to go up and down stairs, get house and crate trained in less then a week!

2017-18 I will be highly mobile due to competing in waterfowl and upland competitions and placing titles on 13 of my dogs. When ordering a puppy, please understand that I could be anywhere on the West Coast when your puppy is ready to go home. I will make myself as available as possible in California, Oregon and Washington, but mutually agreed upon pickup arrangements will need to be made.

2. The meaning of true love as in the feeling that someone has your best interests at heat and won’t let you down or leave you because she cares for you as much as you care for her (see below for more of an explanation).

Labradors tend to like to swim, due to their origins as waterfowl hunting companion and also love to chase and retrieve. They are sociable with other dogs, so will need regular play-dates at the park and would not be suitable for long periods of solitude. For working families a second dog would be ideal.

Giving dogs a second chance proved to be a passion for Over Under founders, and they took it upon themselves to continue helping pups in need. That’s why a portion of sales goes to at-risk dogs in the community. The staff takes it one step further by personalizing their donation; they target each customer’s specific area, allowing them to stretch their dollar and aid as far and wide as possible.

My two (well, labrador and Labradoodle) and they are the most caring dogs I have ever meet, they know when something isn’t right and both give you cuddles as if to say all will be ok. I love them to bits!!

At Crescent View Labradors we’re striving to produce Labs you love to live with- healthy, calm, intelligent, and loyal companions. We hope you enjoy browsing our website! If you’re interested in adopting a puppy from us, please go over to our PUPPIES and AVAILABLE pages to see what is available or planned for the future. Click on the Menu button or Arrow at the top left corner of this page to access the rest of our site. Hope to hear from you soon!

SAFETY. For all of her gentle, patient, kindness I still find her to be a great guard dog too. She has great instincts when somebody is acting strangely nearby (she’s flushed a few weirdos out of bushes) and though she is very rarely vocal if she gets “spooked” (i.e. she can hear a noise but the cause is hidden) she will be bold and challenge it. I don’t think burglars would get in without us knowing!

Fits for:Small/medium/large/X-large dogs,e.g.Chihuahua,Yorkie,Terrier,Beagle,Bulldog,Dachshund,Schnauzer,Golden Retriever,Labrador,Rottweiler,Boxer,Mastiff.etc. Winter Dog Clothes Warm Fleece Lined Pe…

The next day, April 3, 2010 at the Kern County Kennel Club Show, Bode earned his first leg toward his Rally Advanced title with a score of 99 points also under Judge Dawn Martin.  Bode won his classes both days.  Congratulations, Bode!  Owner handled by Donna Andersen.

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  1. we lost our lab 2 years ago she was 13 years old we had her for the last 5 years of her life prior to that she had been a working dog but due to Arthritis had to retire she was a freebie. She was a marvellous companion always ready for a walk and to play with the grand children, clean around the house everything a lab is known for. We were devastated when we lost her. When my wife was ill Tara was her constant companion she knew when the wife was having a bad day it was uncanny
    The Labrador Retriever is one of the most playful, loyal, and popular breeds of dogs. Labradors can be great therapy dogs, assistance dogs, hunting dogs, and much more. This dog breed is truly one of the most beloved animals around the world.
    Nothing beats the look and versatility of these popular Yellow Lab shirts. Perfect for those casual days, these comfy Yellow Labrador shirts are sure to be a big hit with friends and family. Printed on the front, each of the Yellow Labrador Retriever shirt designs measures approximately 9 x 12 inches

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