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In a nod to their origins as a hunting/fishing breed, Labrador retrievers are classified as part of the AKC sporting group, which means they’re willing to retrieve anything—from downed ducks to that Frisbee you accidentally flung in the bushes.

At 22-24 inches in height and 60-75 pounds in weight for males, and 21-23 inches and 55-70 pounds for females, Labrador retrievers are the perfect size for an active family: Not too big and not too small. Given the right amount of exercise, Labs do okay in an apartment but are best suited for a home with a medium-sized yard.

i love my lab jz because i put loads in to her and i get so much back from her pure love she is 12 yr old and stil makes me laugh even tho she got athritis but we manage it with herbal medication love her to much my little angel means the worldto me forever x

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This page lists all of the Labrador Retrievers currently available through Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc., their names, ages, attributes, and dog rating levels (described below). Click on their images to read their individual stories.

Giving dogs a second chance proved to be a passion for Over Under founders, and they took it upon themselves to continue helping pups in need. That’s why a portion of sales goes to at-risk dogs in the community. The staff takes it one step further by personalizing their donation; they target each customer’s specific area, allowing them to stretch their dollar and aid as far and wide as possible.

A set of three framed limited edition prints “Work”, “Rest” and “Play” of Black Labradors by famous canine artist Nigel Hemming. All bear the same number – 80 out of 500. Signed and numbered in the margin by the artist.

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The first sightings in Britain of the “St John’s dogs” or “Little Newfoundland dogs” were in the late 18th century. The Newfoundland fishing fleet docked regularly at Poole Harbour in Dorset, with its catch of cod and other fish kept on ice in the hold. One day the 2nd Earl of Malmesbury, an MP and keen sportsman, spotted some of the ships’ dogs retrieving fish that had been thrown out and decided that they were exactly what he needed for his “wildfowling” – duck shooting. 

This is for Ponce, the 9 month old labrador puppy who was brutally abused and killed by his owner. Any profits will be donated to the Animal Rights Foundation of Florida OR the Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida.

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I fostered a 3 month old Chocolate – Golden cross who is now about to turn 3. I didn’t think there was another home quite good enough for such a wonderful dog that he became a failed foster and is here to stay.

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With an adult, you know more about what you’re getting in terms of personality and health and you can find adults through breeders or shelters. If you are interested in acquiring an older dog through breeders, ask them about purchasing a retired show dog or if they know of an adult dog who needs a new home. If you want to adopt a dog, read the advice below on how to do that.

As a breed’s popularity changes, its image changes as well. Now that Labs are everywhere (and make frequent appearances in the L.L. Bean catalog), they’re seen as a kind of everydog: not an aristocratic accessory, but the perfect family pet. Many consumers have bought Labs on impulse without understanding the full ramifications of having a 70-pound hunter in one’s home—especially if that home has a young child in it. Though playful and friendly by nature, Labs also have a fondness for putting small objects in their mouths, including, on occasion, a toddler’s nice fat leg. (It’s often recommended that families with children under 10 refrain from purchasing Labrador retriever puppies less than 12 months old.)

Our Chocolate Lab Tote Bag makes a wonderful accessory for anyone who shares the energy of the Chocolate Labrador Retriever, and is always on the go. The marvelous lifelike portrait on both sides of these 17″ X 17″ Chocolate Labrador Tote Bags instantly marks you as an enthusiast of discerning tastes, and you will get years of use out of its high quality, machine washable 100% cotton construction.

Hi I have three dogs a springer spaniel a wire haired daschund and a black lab,they are all great friends.My lab was born with elbow and hip dysphasia ,he is now five,He is such a lively boy and loves to fetch tennis balls,I can’t throw them for him ,as it jars his joints so I spend lots of time hiding them so he can find them.It has been very difficult to stop him running too much and playing with other dogs as he is like most labs very sociable.I have always had recall problems ,I bought your book total recall and found it very helpful ,today he came back to.the whistle while playing with another dog!!!!

Before the age of two or three, many Labradors can be extremely active and destructive despite their breed reputation for calm dispositions. It’s in their extended adolescence that many Labradors find appeal in swallowing rocks, socks and Barbie dolls, all of which — and more — have been surgically removed from these dogs.

Dogs come in all shapes and sizes,as do our coats and jackets. This chart will help you identify the correct size for your dog. In most cases, the girth measurement (taken around the widest part of the chest or rib cage) and weight will be the best indicators of fit size. The Length measurement shown here is from the base of the neck to the base of the tail.

Pippa Mattinson is the best selling author of several books on dogs. She is the founder of the Labrador Site and a regular contributor. She is passionate about helping people enjoy their Labradors and lives in Hampshire with her husband and four dogs.

I grew up with labs and my mom always loved the yellows the best, saying they were more mellow. I got my black lab Alice when I graduated high school, who is now 7, and she is the sweetest and friendliest, most beautiful dog! She is always so happy and she does have a lot of energy, so we go to the park to throw her frisbee discs as often as possible. She just has such a wonderful personality and it makes me really love the blacks. I would recommend them, or yellows, for a home family pet because they do so well with children and prove to be very loyal and protective.

Labrador themed products for your kitchen. A Labrador Toaster, kitchen roll holders, salt and pepper shakers, before the sink runners (rubber mats), cookie and treat jars, mugs, glasses, aprons, dinnerware, tea pots, dish towels, & more … Click to view our Labrador Retriever Kitchen Accessories and Decor.

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Please feel free to share photos of your Lab strolling in the park, or in the grass, or just about anywhere! Drop your pictures in the comments section below, and you may also indicate the pet’s name and age, if you’d like to share those details as well. We’ll be featuring submitted photos here on our page to spread woofy cute vibes to fellow Lab Retriever fans!

The foundational breed of what is now the Labrador Retriever was known as the St. John’s water dog, St. John’s dog, or Lesser Newfoundland. When the dogs were later brought to England, they were named after the geographic area known as “the Labrador” (they were known as Labrador Retrievers because they “retrieved” in the Labrador Sea) or simply Labrador to distinguish them from the larger Newfoundland breed, even though the breed was from the more southern Avalon Peninsula.

Wondering if anyone will have had a similar experience as me. My 1.5 year old lab mix is a skinny boy. His mother was from trial stock, so he’s definitely a leaner looking lab – not to mention extremely long, tall and leggy. He’s mixed with a little bit of golden retriever, so if anything, you’d think that would have bulked him out a bit. Anyways, he’s always been super lean. Right now he’s just under 75 lbs, but with his lanky frame, he could easily be 80. He was originally on Wellness Core (large breed kibble), but we kept running into gastro problems with him. Towards the end of his tenure on that food, we actually got him up to 77 lbs, and he was looking great. He was having such frequent diarreah though, that we decided to switch to Royal Canin Gastro food for a while at the suggestion of our vet. I wasn’t thrilled about putting him on it, but I was desperate to get his GI issues under control. Within a week and a half on that food however, he was acting ravenous, and suddenly became a poop eater! I did more research, and decided that he likely needed more protein in his diet. We switched him to Orijen, and at first, it worked wonders. His stools were the best they’ve ever been. A little over a week on the new food however, and I noticed he was losing weight pretty rapidly. I upped the amount slowly, and suddenly had the runs. I know that the food is super rich, and you’re not supposed to overfeed, but if I don’t, he drops weight like crazy – the opposite issue we wanted. So now, I’m trying to over feed him by only a little, but he’s still losing weight, and sometimes has runny poops. 90% of them are perfect. I supplement with rice a lot to try and get some carbs into him so he’s not so boney.

“Labrador Retriever”. from an original watercolor painting by artist David J. Rogers. The artwork is printed on watercolor paper to look and feel just like the original, and is hand signed on the fron…

Animal Den is the one-stop shop for Black Lab products, so take time to shop our diverse selection. As you do, keep in mind that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee on gifts for Black Lab lovers, and any other product that catches your eye. That’s has always been our commitment, and always will.

Labradors love people and thrive in a busy family. Their fun-loving nature means they are excellent with other animals whether they be cats or other dogs and in some cases with supervision they can live with the smaller exotic pets (rabbits, reptiles and ferrets), so long as interactions are supervised closely.

My belief is that ALL dogs are beautiful and loving and deserve the absolute best in life full of love and attention. Love’s Labradors are special. Love’s Labradors are superior in the following ways: looks, personalities, huntability, precise marking and controlled blinds, birdiness, loving, gentleness, solid energy and past and present proven National Champions and lineage. Love’s Labradors goes the extra measure that others should. Why do other breeders not go the distance? Because as long as there are buyers out there that buy dogs from less than the best in breeding, breeding facilities, breeding standards & health testing then the breeders remain at minimal standards. Raising their standards decreases the amount of money they make. I disagree with that; I expect the absolute best and so should you. Yes, my standards are superior. Perhaps someday ‘the other so-called breeders” will make my standards the normal. I look forward to that day as one should only have the best breed dogs supplied by qualified breeders to the public. I hope to have your business, but more importantly you should hope to have one of Love’s Labradors.

My nine month old lab came into my life when I was about to give up n depressed..and now everyday is like a new gift of happiness thanks to his pranks and loving antics. Cant imagine life without him.He’s always with me wherever I go.

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