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Mother’s Day is approaching fast, so why not treat yourself to this special gift (or drop some hints to the kids or your significant other). These remarkable jewellery pieces have a special message to those who truly love the special connection between humans and dogs. Click the link to read the secret meaning.

One of the reasons the Labrador Retriever is so popular is their excellent temperament. They are friendly, loving and non-aggressive. These outgoing dogs are playful and always eager to please. As someone once said “A Lab never has a bad day”. Due to their easy-going, non-aggressive nature, Labs do not make good guard dogs. They may bark protectively but unlikely to take things further.

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This is a remarkable piece with a special message to those who truly love the special connection between humans and dogs. Each of the four paw prints represents one of the four chambers of the heart. The curving line is actually the outline of a heart that is opened. When the human and dog connect t…

Hereditary myopathy, a rare inherited disorder that causes a deficiency in type II muscle fibre. Symptoms include a short stilted gait or “bunny hopping,” and in rare cases ventroflexion of the neck accompanied by a kyphotic posture.[66]

They’re also outgoing. Other breeds such as greyhounds or whippets, for example, are more timid. While I like to think I share plenty of their traits, the Labrador’s lack of shyness is perhaps the one big difference between myself and the breed. People are surprised to hear it, but I am not naturally confident and have bouts of shyness. Labradors are shy of no one. They are will greet all strangers by brandishing a pair of socks and sitting down next to them. I’m not sure if this is done in the hope of food and affection or if it is simply their nature to please, but it is a universal trait.

Yellow Labrador Retriever head study giclee print from an original gouache painting by Robert J. May. You may commission a portrait of your own pet from a good photograph – an unframed gouache head study similar to the item listed would cost £150.00.

At the time, the River Stour was habitually liable to overflow in winter, creating large watery meadows several feet deep; for half the year it was, as one observer put it, ‘a minor Venice’. No wonder he was fascinated by the amazing water dogs he discovered in nearby Poole – they were excellent at retrieving downed game from the meadows – and he promptly started a breeding programme.

Finally, you can avoid some negative traits by training your Labrador Retriever to respect you and by following the 11-step care program in my book, 11 Things You Must Do Right To Keep Your Dog Healthy and Happy.

‘I always though that they would be there waiting for me’: Mom says she felt ‘physically ill’ when she was told her embryos that were stored at an Ohio fertility clinic had been destroyed because of a system malfunction

If your pup ends up having any eye conditions like Cataracts or other strains of Retinal Dysplasias, I will not cover this as science has not supplied me with these tests yet to test for. But I guarantee to you is that as tests become available, I will continue testing the breeding parents and keep you informed of these results.

Fits for:Small/medium/large/X-large dogs,e.g.Chihuahua,Yorkie,Terrier,Beagle,Bulldog,Dachshund,Schnauzer,Golden Retriever,Labrador,Rottweiler,Boxer,Mastiff.etc. Winter Dog Clothes Warm Fleece Lined Pe…

Nothing beats the look and versatility of these popular Black Lab shirts. Perfect for those casual days, these comfy Black Labrador t-shirts and sweatshirts are sure to be a big hit with friends and family. Printed on the front, each of the Black Labrador Retriever shirt designs measures approximately 9 x 12 inches

As with some other breeds, the Conformation (typically “Show”, “English” or “bench”) and the Field (typically “Working” or “American”) lines differ, although both lines are bred in both countries. In general, however, Conformation Labradors tend to be bred as medium-sized dogs, shorter and stockier with fuller faces and a slightly calmer nature than their Field counterparts, which are often bred as taller, lighter-framed dogs, with slightly less broad faces and a slightly longer nose. However, Field Labradors should still be proportional and fit within American Kennel Club standards. With Field Labradors, excessively long noses, thin heads, long legs, and lanky frames are not considered standard. These two types are informal and not codified or standardised; no distinction is made by the AKC or other kennel clubs, but the two types come from different breeding lines. Australian stock also exists; though not seen in the West, they are common in Asia. These dogs are also very good with children.

They first came to Europe around 200 years ago when those trawlers docked at Poole in Dorset on their way back to Portugal, and this is where these ‘Little Newfoundland’ dogs were first sighted in Britain. Actually the name Labrador is slightly confusing. 

This page lists all of the Labrador Retrievers currently available through Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc., their names, ages, attributes, and dog rating levels (described below). Click on their images to read their individual stories.

Labrador retrievers come in different shapes and sizes, colorful, athletic and playful these are among the most popular dogs worldwide. FramedArt.com pays tribute to this amazing dog by providing fans and owners with Framed Labrador Retriever Art featuring them in various stances. They used to be used for waterfowl hunting as they never run out of energy and have distributive attention that makes it virtually impossible for anything to get past them.

I love Labrador retriever dog Becoz I found they are very loving,caring, Intelligent ,Understandable, fun loving, giving unconditional love, soul mate, loyal, best frnd, best listener , & best companion in this world. Further more, they r more then this. I m unable to express/write becoz I don`t have any word to write about them to express myself.

My black lab is 4 and a half. We just had to put down our 14 yr old german shepherd a few months ago (his dog, but I still got attached) and that made me appreciate every single day for, hopefully, the next 10 years with my lab. he is my best friend and I cannot imagine life without him by my side. Also, now I am used to having a dog with me and I am worried about what will happen when his time comes that day. will I wait to get a new dog? Should I get a different breed or gender so I don’t feel like I am betraying my best friend?

The world is absolutely perfect and everything is heaven for a few seconds when I put my head next to my sleeping lab, give her a gentle hug and hold her, relishing her warmth and contentment. The world can’t be any more perfect.

Arthritis is a common condition amongst elderly Labradors, but it can be helped with the right pain medication and on occasions surgical intervention. There are also various ways you can make your arthritic Lab more comfortable at home, which we will look at a little later on.

You are looking at a brand new custom printed shirt, “Got Labrador?” These shirts are printed using the latest DTG (Direct to Garment) technology. This is not an iron-on or a cheaply printed image, but the best quality print you’ll find anywhere! All of our items are individually custom printed to ensure that you receive the best quality product possible. Be sure to check the size chart before purchasing. L.A.T – Misses Cut.

I love my lab, because labs seem to see into your mind and respond to us as if they understand what is going on with us. Labs seem to crawl into our soul and be on the same wavelenghth in a weird uncanny way.

I fed raw to my dogs for many years, but I did not do this and could not have done this, when my kids were little.  Nowadays, I sometimes feed kibble, if circumstances demand it, but prefer to feed raw whenever I can

is an adoptable Labrador Retriever Dog in Oakland, CA. My name is Bandit, and I’m a old super sweet and slightly shy Black Lab mix boy. Contact Info Oakland Animal Services, Oakland, CA. I came to the shelter in January as a stray.

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