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I’ve since had three Labradors in my life, and what attracts me most is that happy-go-lucky, bouncy, tail-wagging demeanour. They project a euphoria I find contagious. It’s a refreshing antithesis to the cold modern world, and part of the reason I decided to write a book about these magnificent creatures.

Lastly, dogs that bite or threaten to bite out of aggression have a serious problem that must be dealt with immediately. Most canine aggression problems start slowly and progressively get worse. Recognize the early signs of aggression and seek help immediately if see your dog do any of the following:

Labradors love people and thrive in a busy family. Their fun-loving nature means they are excellent with other animals whether they be cats or other dogs and in some cases with supervision they can live with the smaller exotic pets (rabbits, reptiles and ferrets), so long as interactions are supervised closely.

• Confident with very little submissiveness, and mostly alpha “dog leader” tendencies. Can be assertive and pushy if human doesn’t make it clear they are in charge. Independent problem-solvers, they can at times try to out-think their owners.

Black Labs, Chocolate Labs and Yellow Labs, portrayed by Nigel Hemming. Nigel Hemming is regarded by many as one of the country’s leading painters of working dogs – his images often bearing a narrative theme. He says that he tries to paint pictures not simply of dogs, but about them. The appeal of his work led to his being presented with the Fine Art Trade Guild Published Artist Award in 1996.

Each title in Barron’s brand-new Dog Bibles Series for dog lovers and prospective dog purchasers discusses a specific dog breed in detail, describes the title breed’s physical traits, history, and behavior characteristics, and instructs owners on training methods. Important topics covered include–

I have been privileged in life to have had black Labradors for over 20 years. I don’t think I could survive without the love of a black lab by my side. Rosie was our first and was almost 13 when she died. She was the first to come to us and showed me the love of a lab. She was so loyal, loving and giving. Molly died a year ago today. She was 12 and had a long battle with Cushings Disease. Molls was the most softest, sensitive lab ever. She was beautiful in looks and nature. Molls was always slow time and taught me to appreciate life slowly. We are left with little Charlie now 7 years old. She is very naughty and mischievous. Always a tom boy, nothing girlie! Always happy and enthusiastic. The joy a black Labrador is gives is the best thing ever. God bless Moll xxx

The Labrador Retriever is one of the most playful, loyal, and popular breeds of dogs. Labradors can be great therapy dogs, assistance dogs, hunting dogs, and much more. This dog breed is truly one of the most beloved animals around the world.

IMPECCABLE MANNERS. My girl has the manners of a Victorian gentleman. Some have developed with training but some seem to have been innate; she has never pushed on the stairs, rarely at the door. She waits to have her feet wiped when we come in. She’ll flirt with passers by but she waits for an invitation to say hello. When treats are being given out other dogs snatch and push but she waits patiently at the back with that sweet smile on her face. She has never tried to steal from my plate and won’t steal another dog’s ball. Once she jumped on the sofa to fuss my now ex and when I joked where was I going to sit she actually scooched over to make room!

We especially feature Black Lab gifts, because this color is extremely popular among Lab lovers. Your gift options literally run the gamut, with everything from housewares, clothing, and calendars, to stuffed animals, Christmas ornaments, and office supplies.

Let your dog stand up and place your dogs paw on a blank piece of paper. For length mark from the longest toenail to the back of the paw. For width mark the widest of the paw left to right. Measure paw’s width for the best fit.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. You and your Mum have a special bond that will sustain the two of you through good times and the not so good times. My beloved Ms. Shasta & Mr. Shaq nursed me through a bout of cancer by being there for me. Just seeing their faces each day gave me the strength to make it through the day. Though they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they continue to inspire me to carry on. So hugs to you Loki and to your Mum.

In case you learn the lyrics to Led “Black Canine,” you will discover it’s mysteriously not about canines in any respect. The band named the track after a Labrador retriever apparel that was wandering across the Headley Grange studio whereas they had been recording the album Led Zeppelin IV.

The world’s best dog can’t be defined by a breed; it is any dog that, when you come home tired and flop onto the couch, will walk backwards and forwards under you so that your overhanging hand can stroke it without you even moving a muscle.

Fans of Chocolate Labrador Retrievers will find the best Chocolate Lab gifts at Animal Den. Indeed, we have the biggest collection of premium-quality chocolate Labrador gifts, apparel, home and office décor, jewelry and collectibles – all at affordable prices. Start or add to your collection of keepsake holiday ornaments with our delightful finds in Chocolate Labrador-theme Christmas tree ornament finds featuring this trusting dog breed. Their gentle, intelligent nature makes Labrador Retrievers among the most popular dog breeds in the United States and United Kingdom.

Before the age of two or three, many Labradors can be extremely active and destructive despite their breed reputation for calm dispositions. It’s in their extended adolescence that many Labradors find appeal in swallowing rocks, socks and Barbie dolls, all of which — and more — have been surgically removed from these dogs.

Labrador Retrievers are very muscular and strong. They are very independent which means that sometimes Labs want to do things their own way. You will need to be strong and consistent when you work with your dog.

At 4 months of age, our own Lab, Dakota, was relaxing in the backyard with me. We both heard a noise from behind us and turned to see a 7-year old boy standing a couple of feet from us. Both of us jumped and both of us were not happy. Even though the boy had come over to see the puppy, he did so in a manner that scared Dakota so badly that she became fearful of any boy around that age. As soon as she sees one, the fur on her back will stand up and she will bark wildly. Is she aggressive? No, she is not. How do we know that? Simply because her tail is wagging wildly as well and she backs away from the boy. In order to combat this fear, we bring her to places with other people in varying ages and when we see a little boy, we ignore her behavior. We then tell the boy to talk to us for a minute while ignoring Dakota’s action. After a minute of us ignoring her, she slowly creeps towards the boy, sniffs him, and then starts to lick his hand. It is only at that point do we allow the boy to pet her. This has been going on for several months now and Dakota is almost perfect around little boys now. This never did turn into fear biting because we worked immediately to reprogram her fear and show her there was nothing to be afraid of. Had we not done so, it could have easily turned into fear biting.

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One 19th-century admirer of the dog’s skills was the second Earl of Malmesbury, an MP and keen game sportsman. A large part of his estate at Hurn in Dorset encompassed the floodplain between the River Stour and the River Avon, north east of Bournemouth. 

Especially if introduced as puppies, labs are known to generally get along well with other dogs. As with any changes to your family/pack, it’s important to watch for signs of aggression early on. If introducing an adult dog, consider choosing a neutral space such as a park for the first meeting to sidestep any territorial instincts.

Most biting and mouthing behaviors can be fixed with consistent and persistent training. With some common-sense strategies, a little bit of forethought, and a healthy dose of patience, any owner can help their Labrador Retriever become a well-mannered family companion.

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  1. There is a great deal of variety among Labradors. The following characteristics are typical of the conformation show bred (bench-bred) lines of this breed in the United States and are based on the American Kennel Club standard.[26] Significant differences between UK and US standards are noted.
    You will love your Chocolate Labrador Retriever. We have an English Chocolate Labrador Female named Snickers. English Chocolates are shorter in size, but still have the broad head. We have an english cream golden retriever, also. What I’ve learned about labs has amazed me. They are so sensitive, and loving. Our golden retriever is very dominant, and the second golden retriever that we’ve owned. Both goldens were extremely dominant. But our chocolate lab female is so sweet. She never meets a stranger, and loves and cries for anybody that she sees. When we first got her, about two months or so into owning her, I scolded her for bringing sticks into the yard, while I was trying to mow. I threw a stick at her, not hitting her, but she felt threatened, I guess. She went into our wooded area of the fenced-in backyard, to hide from me. I finished mowing about an hour later, but Snickers never came back down to our house. I went up in the woods to find her, and she was sitting in a corner of the fence crying by herself. She was scared to come back home. I picked her up in my arms, and told her that I would never scold her again. She licked my face all the way back down to the house. When I sat her down, she ran fiercely to Yukon our golden retriever, and then ran back to me, and sat down. I never SCOLDED her again. I love that chocolate lab more than anything in this world. She never had to fear me again. I LOVE CHOCOLATES!!!! Her sweetness has finally rubbed off on our Yukon Boy, Golden Retriever. HER AFFECTIONATENESS IS CONTAGIOUS!!!! Best dog that I have ever owned. Yukon has dropped his dominance, and has learned that Snickers is GOOD, and that he has to be GOOD, TOO!!!! BEST OF LUCK WITH YOUR NEW CHOCOLATE!!!!
    My belief is that ALL dogs are beautiful and loving and deserve the absolute best in life full of love and attention. Love’s Labradors are special. Love’s Labradors are superior in the following ways: looks, personalities, huntability, precise marking and controlled blinds, birdiness, loving, gentleness, solid energy and past and present proven National Champions and lineage. Love’s Labradors goes the extra measure that others should. Why do other breeders not go the distance? Because as long as there are buyers out there that buy dogs from less than the best in breeding, breeding facilities, breeding standards & health testing then the breeders remain at minimal standards. Raising their standards decreases the amount of money they make. I disagree with that; I expect the absolute best and so should you. Yes, my standards are superior. Perhaps someday ‘the other so-called breeders” will make my standards the normal. I look forward to that day as one should only have the best breed dogs supplied by qualified breeders to the public. I hope to have your business, but more importantly you should hope to have one of Love’s Labradors.

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