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The teething stage is often seen with a great deal of chewing and destruction. We recommend using the method mentioned earlier but instead of a chew toy or bone, give your pup a Chilly Bone, a small towel that has been soaked in water and frozen, or an ice cube. Be sure to monitor your pup when chewing on any of these items as they can be a choking hazard for the more aggressive chewers. Ice cubes can be given regularly but give them slowly at the beginning and monitor your pup for any loose stools as this is a normal reaction for some Lab pups.

Wherever you acquire your Labrador Retriever, make sure you have a good contract with the seller, shelter or rescue group that spells out responsibilities on both sides. Petfinder offers an Adopters Bill of Rights that helps you understand what you can consider normal and appropriate when you get a dog from a shelter.In states with “puppy lemon laws,” be sure you and the person you get the dog from both understand your rights and recourses.

The 2008 tearjerker “Marley and Me” told the story of a rambunctious Labrador Retriever puppy and his influence on his family. Marley was played by a Lab named Jonah, who stole the film from co-starts Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson.

The Lab has a double coat — a soft, insulating undercoat topped with a short, hard, protective outer layer. Labs shed heavily, and brushing them once or twice a week will help keep the fur from flying.

There is a great deal of variety among Labradors. The following characteristics are typical of the conformation show bred (bench-bred) lines of this breed in the United States and are based on the American Kennel Club standard.[26] Significant differences between UK and US standards are noted.

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The modern Labrador Retriever is an easy-going, easy-to-train dog who comes in three colors: black, yellow and chocolate. He also comes in three different body types, depending on his background and purpose.

I’ll never forget the day when my yellow lab wanted to be my pillow because i was very sick with high fever!!! I was lying on the sofa and he came and lick my forehead, then when i got up to pet him a little he throw the pillow on the floor and replaced the pillow with his body. he wanted was me to lie on his belly and lick my forehead to get better!!! The next day i lost him because a psychopath put poison all over the neighborhood… He was the perfect lab!!!

Some Lab owners might say that a little dog hair is the best home décor around, but we have a feeling that they’d change their mind if this gorgeous throw pillow showed up under the tree. The clean, crisp silhouette is eye-catching and it’s a nice way to add a little Lab to the sofa without going over the top.

Start talking with all the pet pros in your area about your desire for a Labrador. That includes vets, dog walkers, and groomers. When someone has to make the tough decision to give up a dog, that person will often ask her own trusted network for recommendations.

At around the same time, the fifth Duke of Buccleuch and his brother Lord John Scott started importing dogs from a Newfoundland fishing fleet that sailed into the River Clyde to use as gundogs on the Queensberry estates in the Scottish borders. They had also realised what an extraordinary dog the Labrador was and so established their own kennels in around 1835.

The first written reference to the breed was in 1814 (“Instructions to Young Sportsmen” by Colonel Peter Hawker),[11] the first painting in 1823 (“Cora. A Labrador Bitch” by Edwin Landseer),[11] and the first photograph in 1856 (the Earl of Home’s dog “Nell”, described both as a Labrador and a St. Johns dog).[19] By 1870 the name Labrador Retriever became common in England.[11] The first yellow Labrador on record was born in 1899 (Ben of Hyde, kennels of Major C.J. Radclyffe),[11] and the breed was recognised by The Kennel Club in 1903. The first American Kennel Club (AKC) registration was in 1917.[11] The chocolate Labrador emerged in the 1930s,[11] although liver spotted pups were documented being born at the Buccleuch kennels in 1892.[11] The first dog to appear on the cover of Life Magazine was a black Labrador Retriever called ‘Blind of Arden’ in the December, 12th, 1938 issue. The St. John’s dog survived until the early 1980s, the last two individuals being photographed in old age around 1981.[19]

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Black Labs, Chocolate Labs and Yellow Labs, portrayed by Nigel Hemming. Nigel Hemming is regarded by many as one of the country’s leading painters of working dogs – his images often bearing a narrative theme. He says that he tries to paint pictures not simply of dogs, but about them. The appeal of his work led to his being presented with the Fine Art Trade Guild Published Artist Award in 1996.

Searching for a more modern or playful lab dog image? Check out the Labrador Coffee Co. print by Ryan Fowler or this Black Lab Abstract art piece by Dean Russo. Not matter what kind of lab framed artwork you’re looking for, FulcrumGallery.com has a wide selection of Labrador Retriever art and prints for you to shop through – even classic duck hunting lab paintings. You will be able to find puppy art, Labrador Retriever paintings and photographs, and much more. Frame your prints with our framing options or have it transferred on canvas. Find your Labrador Retriever art and prints today on FulcrumGallery.com today!

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It’ warm it cozy, it’s functional. Our mini Labrador Yellow on left chest is understated and fun. The fabric is 75% cotton/25% poly jersey lined sleeves. Front pouch-like pockets contain a hidden cell phone pocket. Tru2size fit, specifically designed slightly larger to accommodate shrinkage after washing. The bone zipper pull and Paw/bone on the back are sure to let everyone know your pride in your Labrador Retriever.

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Fans of Chocolate Labrador Retrievers will find the best Chocolate Lab gifts at Animal Den. Indeed, we have the biggest collection of premium-quality chocolate Labrador gifts, apparel, home and office décor, jewelry and collectibles – all at affordable prices. Start or add to your collection of keepsake holiday ornaments with our delightful finds in Chocolate Labrador-theme Christmas tree ornament finds featuring this trusting dog breed. Their gentle, intelligent nature makes Labrador Retrievers among the most popular dog breeds in the United States and United Kingdom.

Each of these designs is available on many different gifts: mug, magnet, button, pillow, journal, kechain, and much more. Visit our stores on Cafepress and Zazzle listed on the front page to see them all.

I have a black lab named Samson Hudson Sanders…or Sam for short. Such a distinguished name for such an amazing boy. I am mid 30’s and have no children….he is my child. When I work a 12 hr day there is nothing better than coming home to that wagging body! I get slobbered on but it is worth it. They are such loving, loyal creatures. He is 4 and a half now but I remember the day I went to the breeder and of all the dogs (9 of them) to choose from, he chose me and it was love at first eye exchange. He has helped me through so many rough times since that day and I will be forever grateful for him being by my side no matter what. I just wish he didn’t weigh more than me now lol

We now have Frank a 15 month old Black Lab he didn’t make the grade as a gun dog so he came to us, he is a younger version of Tara our previous dog with all the same traits, the house was empty till he arrived .

The Vietnam War is the only war in American history in which US war dogs, which were officially classified by the military as “military working dogs,” were not allowed to officially return home after the war.[87] Classified as expendable equipment, of the approximate 4,000 US K-9s deployed to the Vietnam War, it is estimated that only about 200 US war dogs survived Vietnam to be put into service at other outposts stationed overseas.[88] Aside from these 200 or so, the remaining canines who were not killed in action were either euthanised or left behind.[89]

I have a two year old black labrador. He’s very handsome! I love it when I am sitting next to my husband on the sofa, and he comes and sits across both our laps at once! Never knew a lab was supposed to be a lap dog!

Fortunately for folks afraid of canines, Labrador retriever apparel researchers are growing a machine to do the sniffing. The canines are costly to coach, and might solely scent a sure variety of samples a day, so automating the method can be best. An digital nostril is at the moment in manufacturing to chop out the price of canine coaching.

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Yes, they are big. But not too big. And they have unique personalities. Nari will chase a ball until she drops. She hates the lead, will swim in the surf with sharks and run up mountains. Ronda (they reckon she’s my fave) is a princess who hates to get her feet wet, loathes to walk, and loves it best when on the lead at my heel.

One 19th-century admirer of the dog’s skills was the second Earl of Malmesbury, an MP and keen game sportsman. A large part of his estate at Hurn in Dorset encompassed the floodplain between the River Stour and the River Avon, north east of Bournemouth. 

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The world is absolutely perfect and everything is heaven for a few seconds when I put my head next to my sleeping lab, give her a gentle hug and hold her, relishing her warmth and contentment. The world can’t be any more perfect.

You might think that the Labrador is a native of the rugged Canadian province of the same name, but that’s not necessarily the case. He was first known as the lesser Newfoundland — probably to distinguish him from the giant breed known as the Newfoundland — the St. John’s Newfoundland or the St. John’s dog.

An early report by a Colonel Hawker described the dog as “by far the best for any kind of shooting. He is generally black and no bigger than a Pointer, very fine in legs, with short, smooth hair and does not carry his tail so much curled as the other; is extremely quick, running, swimming and fighting….and their sense of smell is hardly to be credited….”[16]

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I’m talking in broad brush strokes, but generally society has become more cynical and suspicious. When was the last time you said good morning to a stranger on the Tube? A Labrador wouldn’t dream of missing the opportunity to say hello and will always give strangers the benefit of the doubt. It’s an attractive trait, although, of course, there’s always the hope that you might also have a biscuit in your pocket.

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