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However, despite this, and despite some of the wilder claims made by some raw feeding enthusiasts, it would appear that most Labradors do thrive on kibble and it is an extremely convenient way to feed your dog.

Framed Labrador Retriever Art frequently features them helping people with disabilities, as they are famous for being great as assistance dogs. They are an invaluable help for people suffering from autism, blindness or deafness and are extremely patient. Many centuries ago, the breeding program revolved around their ability of helping hunters and the Labrador retrievers proved to be so successful that they were exported all over the world.

As both the most popular breed by registered ownership and also the most popular breed for assistance dogs in several countries, there have been many notable and famous Labradors since the breed was recognised.

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Our Chocolate Lab Tote Bag makes a wonderful accessory for anyone who shares the energy of the Chocolate Labrador Retriever, and is always on the go. The marvelous lifelike portrait on both sides of these 17″ X 17″ Chocolate Labrador Tote Bags instantly marks you as an enthusiast of discerning tastes, and you will get years of use out of its high quality, machine washable 100% cotton construction.

There have been two dogs in my life, both labradors, first one golden, then one black. Sally was my childhood friend, a constant from before my conscious memory began until the unforgettable day when the vet said it was time to put her down. I was 17 and sobbed all the way to senior camp, playing The Rolling Stones’ Angie on high rotation, supplanting the name Sally for the name Angie in the spirit of teenage melodrama.

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“Life is Ruff. Get a Lab.” complete with a beautiful Labrador Retriever head shot. Let people know how much stress this wonderful dog breed can alleviate – just bring them home and watch your stress melt away! Perfect display of love for any Lab owner or Lab family!

My belief is that ALL dogs are beautiful and loving and deserve the absolute best in life full of love and attention. Love’s Labradors are special. Love’s Labradors are superior in the following ways: looks, personalities, huntability, precise marking and controlled blinds, birdiness, loving, gentleness, solid energy and past and present proven National Champions and lineage. Love’s Labradors goes the extra measure that others should. Why do other breeders not go the distance? Because as long as there are buyers out there that buy dogs from less than the best in breeding, breeding facilities, breeding standards & health testing then the breeders remain at minimal standards. Raising their standards decreases the amount of money they make. I disagree with that; I expect the absolute best and so should you. Yes, my standards are superior. Perhaps someday ‘the other so-called breeders” will make my standards the normal. I look forward to that day as one should only have the best breed dogs supplied by qualified breeders to the public. I hope to have your business, but more importantly you should hope to have one of Love’s Labradors.

Even though a Labrador’s hair is short, he will shed. Brushing him once a week will help keep the hair in the brush and not on the floor. Brushing also feels good to your dog and helps keep his skin healthy.

How far would you go for your best friend? They sit beside you with their head in your lap. They lick you on the face. They wait for you till you come home. They fetch the ball for you. They love you, no matter what. Ok, so we admit it: we are … [ Read More ]

Some of us base our vehicle selection on whether it’ll work for toting our dogs along on our adventures, and Labrador owners are well-known for wanting to bring their outdoorsy pups with them. This sticker is a witty nod to that tendency, and at this price point, would make a great stocking stuffer.

Did you scroll all this way to get facts about labrador tshirt? Well you’re in luck, because here they come. There are 1602 labrador tshirt for sale on Etsy, and they cost $19.82 on average. The most common labrador tshirt material is cotton. The most popular color? You guessed it: black.

At Crescent View Labradors we’re striving to produce Labs you love to live with- healthy, calm, intelligent, and loyal companions. We hope you enjoy browsing our website! If you’re interested in adopting a puppy from us, please go over to our PUPPIES and AVAILABLE pages to see what is available or planned for the future. Click on the Menu button or Arrow at the top left corner of this page to access the rest of our site. Hope to hear from you soon!

With the rising costs of fuel other expenses we are having to limit the distance we travel for our adoptions. Since we bring our dogs to meet their new families we typically will not travel more than 2 hours outside of the Sacramento/Lincoln area and we may add an additional amount (most likely $50.00) to the adoption fee on behalf of the rescue, depending on where you are located. If you haven’t already PLEASE READ THROUGH OUR “ADOPT PAGE” BEFORE YOU CONTACT US (WE RECENTY RAISED OUR ADULT DOG ADOPTION FEE). We are a very small dedicated rescue, we only have two volunteer homes where our dogs live (we prefer to keep it that way). At times there is high demand for our dogs and we try to choose the best fit for our dogs and their adopters.

Original print/book plate from one of Cecil Aldin’s rare and beautiful dog art publications published round about the 1930s. Not a subsequent reproduction or reprint but actually taken from the art book of that date.

Love, love this T-shirt! Nice cut for the women fits not boxey like a men’s design. It’s a thicker feminine style for the women & cannot see through. Washed & hung to dry, didn’t try the dryer yet. No change in the size if you do this & wash in either cold or warm water. It’s a great design of your best friend that you love so much & proud to tell everyone. I started with the white, no imperfections seen. I truly believe that this shirt will last longer than others due to the quality. Price is definitely appropriate & affordable. I plan to get more colors for the coming spring/summer!

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  1. James Wiens is an avid lifelong outdoorsman, having grown up and settled in British Columbia surrounded by dramatic mountains and rivers. His artwork, primarily oil painting, reflects his love of nature and landscapes.
    9/25/2010 Bode scored 100, received his UKC Rally Obedience 1 title,  high score local dog of trial, High score dog in trial with scores 97, 97 and 100 at the UKC SLOWDOG show in Santa Maria, California under Judge Sally Wells.
    Our third child Willem was stillborn last year. It was the worst week of my life, but it was then that we decided to get a puppy. Maggi had reached the grand old age of 14 and Ludo and Iona, now five and four, were both desperate for a young dog with energy. There was never a question of breed. It would be a Lab.

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