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Years ago I seen my dad hunt with dogs and love them like a person.When I got a lab for my daughter I actually got a son a life long friend and an animal in all my life I swear I could not love more.Every thing they do makes me wonder do labs actually have,all our senses feelings and emotions except the ability to tell us I love my white lab and black lab who have totally different personas equally .I suffered depression for along time they where the only thing that brought me out of it

Labrador Retriever Gifts and fine pop art. Art Paw creates custom pet portraits from regular snapshots. Art Paw offers styles that range from modern Warhol inspired looks to traditional classic portraits.

Show your love of shed hunting and shed dogs with this great design (C) Diane & Rob Richardson jr & Shed Dog Outdoors
A Labrador Retriever leaping through the Shed Dog Outdoors ™  logo carrying the great shed antler she found!

Over Under Clothing partners with Labrador Retriever Rescue of Florida, a non-profit organization whose mission is to give labs in need a loving, forever home. They provide a variety of services, from spay and neutering to microchips for tracking to veterinary care.

Labrador themed products for your kitchen. A Labrador Toaster, kitchen roll holders, salt and pepper shakers, before the sink runners (rubber mats), cookie and treat jars, mugs, glasses, aprons, dinnerware, tea pots, dish towels, & more … Click to view our Labrador Retriever Kitchen Accessories and Decor.

So where did the Labrador actually come from? Their origins are complex, combining Portugal, Newfoundland and Britain in their ancestry. They were originally Canadian fishing dogs, whose ancestors were taken on to work on the Portuguese cod trawlers off the remote Canadian island of Newfoundland. 

We have one chocolate lab named dutch, he is 2 years old and a wild man. We also have my black lab Riley she is 11 years old, I love her to bits. She isn’t doing so well and has a fatty tumor on her side. It’s going to be a sad day when she is gone.

Some people leave food down for their dog’s to ‘graze’ on.  I prefer my dogs to eat their meals up fairly quickly, and have found that some dogs are more likely to be ‘picky’ if they know they can come back to their dinner later on.

We have an 18 yr old female lab who also lost control over her bladder & bowels. We switched her to boiled chicken & rice (about 60% rice) and she is doing much better. She may have an accident maybe 1 time a week now. We changed her eating schedule as well, she gets 1 1/2 cups of boiled chicken & rice in the morning and 3/4 cup in the evening. Making sure she has plenty of time to go outside & do her business before we leave for work in the morning or before going to bed at night. We also give her Cosequin twice a day (one in the morning & one at night) to help with aches & pains, but please check with your vet before giving your dog any supplements.

Most puppies will not show aggression at a very early age. This is mostly a learned behavior over time. Hence, when small puppies bite, they bite out of fun, playfulness, teething, or the need to have something in their mouth. At first it may be cute, but it should be corrected immediately since it will not be as cute when they are a 70 lbs. adult Lab! Puppies should be taught from a young age never to mouth or bite humans. How do you do this? Well, based on our experience, there are a couple of steps to curb this type of behavior. When a puppy bites, first use a sharp tone and say “No Bite!” If the puppy continues to mouth or bite, grab the back of its collar with your other hand and give a quick/sharp tug and say “No Bite!” again. The tug action should only serve to startle the pup and not hurt it in any way. It may take 4-5 times in a row of performing the tug action while saying “No Bite!”, but the pup will understand quickly that when it bites you, it receives something it doesn’t like (the tug action).

Let your dog stand up and place your dogs paw on a blank piece of paper. For length mark from the longest toenail to the back of the paw. For width mark the widest of the paw left to right. Measure paw’s width for the best fit.

9/25/2010 Bode scored 100, received his UKC Rally Obedience 1 title,  high score local dog of trial, High score dog in trial with scores 97, 97 and 100 at the UKC SLOWDOG show in Santa Maria, California under Judge Sally Wells.

There have been two dogs in my life, both labradors, first one golden, then one black. Sally was my childhood friend, a constant from before my conscious memory began until the unforgettable day when the vet said it was time to put her down. I was 17 and sobbed all the way to senior camp, playing The Rolling Stones’ Angie on high rotation, supplanting the name Sally for the name Angie in the spirit of teenage melodrama.

As a brief summary, the primary well documented benefits of raw feeding are great dental health (with self-cleaning teeth), small quantities of virtually odourless poop, and (important for dogs with allergies) a diet free from grains.

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