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Chocolate Labrador Retriever head study giclee print from an original gouache painting by Robert J. May. You may commission a portrait of your own pet from a good photograph – an unframed gouache head study similar to the item listed would cost £150.00.

I love My lab, Garth Milo because he is the joy of our life. He actually thinks he is human, he is always by our side, sleeps with us, cuddles with us. He is very emotional and I swear he thinks he is human. he loves the water sooo much and so do we. Garth is our son. LOL Garth is the inspiration for Pups the Traveling Labrador. We wanted Pups to travel the globe and he wants to share what he sees around the globe with others. Pups loves to spread good will and cheer to others. When we get home and hug Garth, all of our troubles are gone.. LABRADORS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pippa, First, Let me say I really enjoy your website and have learned so much about our lovable Labs. I have one Lab, Ollie. (See my picture on my email) He is my first Lab. I now can’t believe it has taken me this to be a Lab pop. He is now 15 months old. Your 10 reasons are spot on! I can honestly say my Ollie has made me laugh EVERY DAY since I brought him home. He even seems to be patient with me as I learn to understand him. So, how about those characteristics: Humorous, Smart, Empathetic and some how patient with a first time pop!

Black Labrador Retriever head study giclee print from an original gouache painting by Robert J. May. You may commission a portrait of your own pet from a good photograph – an unframed gouache head study similar to the item listed would cost £150.00.

The steady temperament of Labradors and their ability to learn make them an ideal breed for search and rescue, detection, and therapy work. They are a very intelligent breed. They are ranked No. 7 in Stanley Coren’s The Intelligence of Dogs. The AKC describes the breed as an ideal family and sporting dog. Their primary working role in the field continues to be that of a hunting retriever.

At Crescent View Labradors we’re striving to produce Labs you love to live with- healthy, calm, intelligent, and loyal companions. We hope you enjoy browsing our website! If you’re interested in adopting a puppy from us, please go over to our PUPPIES and AVAILABLE pages to see what is available or planned for the future. Click on the Menu button or Arrow at the top left corner of this page to access the rest of our site. Hope to hear from you soon!

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The breed tends to shed hair twice annually or regularly throughout the year in temperate climates.[15] Some Labradors shed considerably; however, individual Labradors vary.[27] Labrador hair is usually short and straight, and the tail is quite broad and strong. The webbed toes of the Labrador Retriever make them excellent swimmers. The webbing between their toes can also serve as a “snowshoe” in colder climates and keep snow from balling up between their toes—a condition that can be painful to other breeds with hair between the toes. Their interwoven coat is also relatively waterproof, providing more assistance for swimming.

We make unique dog designs in over 150 different AKC, ARBA and UKC dog breeds. We have uploaded just a small sampling of our designs. If you see a design you like and would like it with a dog breed not seen here, or with a photo of your own dog, please email us at greywolfcreation@yahoo.com. …

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I’ve since had three Labradors in my life, and what attracts me most is that happy-go-lucky, bouncy, tail-wagging demeanour. They project a euphoria I find contagious. It’s a refreshing antithesis to the cold modern world, and part of the reason I decided to write a book about these magnificent creatures.

Intelligent. These intelligent dogs are very trainable and need at least 2 hours a day of exercise and training when young and continuing on into adult-hood. Without mental stimulation and training they become easily bored and sometimes destructive.

Before the age of two or three, many Labradors can be extremely active and destructive despite their breed reputation for calm dispositions. It’s in their extended adolescence that many Labradors find appeal in swallowing rocks, socks and Barbie dolls, all of which — and more — have been surgically removed from these dogs.

Lucky and Flo, twin Black Labrador counterfeit-detection dogs who became famous in 2007 for “sniffing out nearly 2 million counterfeit DVDs” on a six-month secondment to Malaysia in 2007.[103] Following the multimillion-dollar, 6-arrest Malaysian detection, they became the first dogs to be awarded Malaysia’s “outstanding service award”[104] and software pirates were stated to have put a £30,000 contract out for their lives.[105][106]

Hi my name is Loki and I want to tell you about my loyal companion. Recently she went through a very sad and confusing time. I felt it my duty to step up and take care of her. Everyday I take her for at least a 2 hour walk to the park and we meet our puppy friends and my mum gets to be with some people. I always get her up early and I use my breakfast and a need wee…. to do it. This makes sure we get up and get going for the day. All day I nudge her with my nose as I use it like a communication tool for her attention and rest my head on her when we sit together. I just need to let her know I love her all day everyday no matter what. Sometime’s I just sit and watch her. I follow her from room to room. Probably a bit to much. Its my job to make sure she is with me all the time. I don’t like it when she goes to work as I worry about her. When she gets home I get very excited so she feels loved and forgets about her day. I probably over do it a little to much but she is worth it. I want her to know she is missed and needed. Thank goodness she likes the beach. When the weather is nice we go for long walks on the beach and swim together. When she wants to sit and relax or read I sit by her side under the beach umbrella she bought for me to protect me in the harsh Australian Sun. I’m black so i feel it. My mum is very thoughtful. We go in the car together all the time and to shops and cafe’s. I keep a very close eye on her to ensure she is enjoying herself. She is getting better now after her sadness and i’d like to think I’ve made a difference. When I look into her eye’s she smiles back at me and tells me she will never leave me for the loyalty I have given her. Her eyes are warm and soft so I take the chance and lick her softly on her face. Its a special kiss.

Puppies of all colours can potentially occur in the same litter. Colour is determined primarily by three genes. The first gene (the B locus) determines the density of the coat’s eumelanin pigment granules, if that pigment is allowed: dense granules result in a black coat, sparse ones give a chocolate coat. The second (E) locus determines whether the eumelanin is produced at all. A dog with the recessive e allele will produce only phaeomelanin pigment and will be yellow regardless of its genotype at the B locus. The genes known about previously[34] have had their number increased by the introduction of the K locus, where the dominant “black” allele KB is now known to reside.[35] Black or chocolate Labradors therefore must have the KB allele. Yellow Labradors are determined at the E locus, so the K locus is irrelevant in determining their colour. Variations in numerous other genes control the subtler details of the coat’s colouration, which in yellow Labradors varies from white to light gold to a fox red. Chocolate and black Labradors’ noses will match the coat colour.

“Wanna go for a walk?” If you’re dog is anything like our fur babies, you never even have to finish the sentence. Walking is so much more than just taking them out to do their “business”. It’s about bonding and connecting. Even if they don’t have to go, if you ask them: “Wanna go for a walk?” They’…

Labrador Retrievers are registered in three colours:[26] black (a solid black colour), yellow (considered from cream to fox-red), and chocolate (medium to dark brown). Some dogs are sold as silver pure-bred Labradors, but purity of those bloodlines is currently disputed by breed experts including breed clubs and breed councils.[30][31] Some major kennel clubs around the world allow silver Labradors to be registered, but not as silver. The Kennel Club (England) requires that they be registered as “Non-recognised.”[32] Occasionally, Labradors will exhibit small amounts of white fur on their chest, paws, or tail, and rarely a purebred Lab will exhibit brindling stripes or tan points similar to a Rottweiler.[33] These markings are a disqualification for show dogs but do not have any bearing on the dog’s temperament or ability to be a good working or pet dog.

You might think that the Labrador is a native of the rugged Canadian province of the same name, but that’s not necessarily the case. He was first known as the lesser Newfoundland — probably to distinguish him from the giant breed known as the Newfoundland — the St. John’s Newfoundland or the St. John’s dog.

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