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I breed Labrador Retriever puppies that are 100% birdy in the field by age 6 months with a bird desire and willingness to learn by your methods and not be on their own agenda. By producing Labrador Retriever puppies that are American Field plus some lines have half English or British, Scottish or Irish lines in there to help balance the steadiness out in the field as your hunting partner or at home with a level head. Love’s Labradors believes in the original look of the Labrador 100 years ago with a nice blocky square head, balance structure to the body, otter tails along with natural hunting instincts that also makes it easy enough for an average person to train.

There is no global registry of Labradors, nor is there detailed information on numbers of Labradors living in each country. The countries with the five largest numbers of Labrador registrations as of 2005 are: 1: United Kingdom 2: France and United States (approximately equal), 4: Sweden, 5: Finland.[85][86] Sweden and Finland have far lower populations than the other three countries, suggesting that as of 2005 these two countries have the highest proportion of Labradors per million people: As there is no global registry for Labradors, it is difficult to ascertain whether there is simply a smaller percentage of people formally registering their animals in countries like the United States, or whether the number of animals per capita is actually smaller.

I have 2 labradors, my boy is a chocolate 11 year old and my little girl is our black 9 year old, they are our kids and go with us to the lake every chance we get. Our boy is getting old but still greets you at the door every day with the ball in his mouth ready to play, our black lab rather take some serious loving instead of playing ball, she is more of a hunting breed, squirrels look out! They are the most loving & intellegent pets we have ever had. It just breaks our heart to see our 11 year old is progressing into degenerative back disease and may not be with us too much longer even with us giving him syn-flex 1500 mg of glocosamine. They are a solid part of our family!

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About the boots this set of flexible pet boots will act as a good partner for them, protecting the paws against hurt from sidewalks, asphalt, grass etc. The sole of the waterproof durable dog boots is sturdy, flexible, skid-resistant and allows the boots to be used indoors or outdoors, in wet and dry, hot and cold conditions.

I have always enjoyed training animals and getting to know what is important to them. Dogs, particularly Labrador Retrievers, are my first love and predominate my art. I have had dogs most of my life, from wonderful adopted mutts to show quality Labrador Retrievers, and have loved them all! My life revolves around dogs and I would not have it any other way. Know that you are getting my art plus a huge dose of my passion when you choose OtterTail Art.

I didn’t remember life without her; there was no good time to say goodbye. The nap of the fur on her ears, the depths of her brown eyes, her toothy grin; all indelibly marked on my heart. The night when I was eight and she gave birth to seven purebred labrador puppies under our house was the most exciting of my little life.

Please try to be fairly ‘open minded’ about the sex, colour and age of the dog you are looking for. There is certainly no ‘average’ rescue Labrador and both dogs and bitches are loyal and make wonderful companions. Although we maintain a policy of privacy between our owners, we will offer you as much information as possible. A settling in period is essential for rescued dogs and we will support you through this. However, you might expect some difficulties in the early stages. You could be lucky and get a Saint !! Whatever the temperament of your new dog, we recommend that you take him or her to training classes, as this is a good place to learn about each other.

Lastly, dogs that bite or threaten to bite out of aggression have a serious problem that must be dealt with immediately. Most canine aggression problems start slowly and progressively get worse. Recognize the early signs of aggression and seek help immediately if see your dog do any of the following:

Hi Niki, I read your post and I’m hoping you might give me some advice. We have an 18 month old male Labradoodle and are looking into getting a Labrador puppy. If you wouldn’t mind I’d love to know the sex of your dogs, how old they are, and how well they get along.

SNAP BUTTON CLOSURE: Each pair of our dog pajamas is fitted with a set of snap buttons along the underside, which allows you to easily put the shirt on your pet and remove it when needed. Dressing you…

i love this. its perfect for hanging the dogs collars, since we don’t leave their collars on when they’re indoors. we hung it in a central location since we use different doors at different times. it’s good quality and just the right size.

Love’s Labradors competes with both the females and the stud labradors to test their soundness, birdiness,steadiness and overall test of time to waterfowl hunting, upland hunting in both flushing and pointing competitions with AKC, HRC and APLA.

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