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In case you learn the lyrics to Led Zeppelin’s “Black Canine,” you will discover it’s mysteriously not about canines in any respect. The band named the track after a Labrador retriever apparel that was wandering across the Headley Grange studio whereas they had been recording the album Led Zeppelin IV.

I have a 4 1/2 month old black lab name GRYFFIN, he is my 3rd Lab in my adult life time and he is my best friend and I have only had him since July of this year. He is smart as hell, very trainable at every level so far. I cannot be happier

The predominate canine selected by the US Military during the Vietnam War was the German Shepherd Dog, which was used in the roles of Scout Dogs, Sentry Dogs, Mine Detection Dogs, and the US Navy used Water Dogs to detect enemy under water divers in South Vietnam. The Labrador Retriever was the military’s choice for their Combat Tracker Teams (CTTs). Combat Tracker Teams consisted of one Labrador and four[90] or five[91] men: the handler, an observer, one or two cover men, and the team leader.[91][92] Labradors were selected by the military for tracking because of their distinct smelling qualities, and were used to locate wounded US servicemen, enemy patrols, and downed allied airmen in Vietnam. The US Army Labrador Retrievers received their combat training at the British Army’s Jungle Warfare School in Malaysia.[90]

When picking your new Labrador, you might be looking for an adult rather than a puppy. When rehoming from rescue centers you won’t in all likelihood have a choice of colour, but you will be getting the opportunity to give a lovely Labrador a better life.

Black Labrador Art Prints, posters featuring Black Labradors. Yellow Labrador artwork, including original paintings, wall decals (removable stickers for wall art). Chocolate Labrador artwork, signed limited editions. Labrador Retriever Art, category Wall Art.

Rubies’ line of big dogs costumes appreciates that larger breeds want to look good, too! dress your pup in the superhero style she deserves with this wonder woman costume that includes dress and headpiece.

I have been painting animal portraits from an early age. Contemporary Art and Illustration. Series: Black Labrador. Limited Signed Print. Original media used: Ink pen, water-colour on Water-colour board.

They can smell and hear anything, and woof when your car enters the street, long before you turn into the drive. So empathetic, so emotionally perceptive, is the labrador that, it’s said, he or she will mimic their owners’ quirks and neuroses.

A colouration known as “Dudley” is also possible. Dudleys are variously defined as yellow Labradors which have unpigmented (pink) noses (LRC), yellow with liver/chocolate pigmentation (AKC), or “flesh coloured” in addition to having the same colour around the rims of the eye, rather than having black or dark brown pigmentation.[15][37] A yellow Labrador with brown or chocolate pigmentation, for example, a brown or chocolate nose, is not necessarily a Dudley, though according to the AKC’s current standard it would be if it has chocolate rims around the eyes (or more accurately of the genotype eebb). Breed standards for Labradors considers a true Dudley to be a disqualifying feature in a conformation show Lab, such as one with a thoroughly pink nose or one lacking in any pigment along with flesh coloured rims around the eyes. True Dudleys are extremely rare.[37][38] Breeding in order correct pigmentation often lacks dependability. Because colour is determined by many genes, some of which are recessive, crossbreeding a pigmentation non-standard yellow Labrador to a black Labrador may not correct the matter or prevent future generations carrying the same recessive genes. For similar reasons, crossbreeding chocolate to yellow Labradors is also often avoided.

Labradors abilities as sniffer dogs, guide dogs and assistance dogs attest to their high level of intelligence and ease of training. They are very food motivated and love to play, so to them training is a great game and something they love to do.

This Gill Evans Labrador Limited Edition Print sold out some years ago. It comes complete with a “Certificate of Authentication”. Each Limited Edition comes ready for framing, complete with its own ivory window mount (mat) and backing board together with a “Certificate of Authentication “, signed by the publisher, as well as Gill’s own signature, in pencil, on the actual Edition.

Labrador T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Baseball Jersey, Labrador Hoodies (Hoody) and Hooded Sweatshirt, Fleece Jackets, Zipped Track Suit. Labrador Retriever Lover Designs on Childrens, Mens, Womens, Kids and Baby Clothing.

It’s starting to seem like a doggone forgone conclusion: for the 25th year in a row, the labrador retriever has been found to be America’s favourite dog. American Kennel Club vice-president Gina DiNardo said the Lab – family-friendly, athletic, comes in three different colours – “checks all the boxes”.

This page lists all of the Labrador Retrievers currently available through Labs 2 Love Rescue, Inc., their names, ages, attributes, and dog rating levels (described below). Click on their images to read their individual stories.

Yellow Labrador Retriever & Pup head study giclee print from an original gouache painting by Robert J. May. You may commission a portrait of your own pet from a good photograph – an unframed gouache head study similar to the item listed would cost £150.00.

Item one: Labs shed. A lot. You’ll have less hair lying around the house if you brush your Lab once or twice a week so that the hair goes onto the brush instead of onto your furniture and clothes. A rubber curry brush and a metal shedding blade or wire slicker brush are your new best friends.

Thanks for sharing your wonderful story. You and your Mum have a special bond that will sustain the two of you through good times and the not so good times. My beloved Ms. Shasta & Mr. Shaq nursed me through a bout of cancer by being there for me. Just seeing their faces each day gave me the strength to make it through the day. Though they have crossed the Rainbow Bridge, they continue to inspire me to carry on. So hugs to you Loki and to your Mum.

Contact a professional dog trainer right away for help if your dog bites you or a member of your family or acts of if it might. Be sure to not react by striking your Lab in any way, since this can increase the aggression.

9. Labradors look to their humans for help. Labradors derive comfort, security and motivation from their humans. Old Labradors deserve just as much love and attention as puppies. Everyone loves puppies, but senior dogs have spent many more years loving and being loyal to their humans.

A set of three framed limited edition prints “Work”, “Rest” and “Play” of Black Labradors by famous canine artist Nigel Hemming. All bear the same number – 80 out of 500. Signed and numbered in the margin by the artist.

I love my black Lab Samson (aka: Mr Woofkins) because he gives me unconditional love and loyalty. He goes everywhere with me, (except work unfortunately as there are a few people there that could do with a Lab cuddle) and when I wake up in the morning, he is laying snuggled up to me with his head resting on me and gives me lots of face licks to tell me that he wants his breakfast. He makes life worth living, I love my dog more than anything in the world. Thanks Sam for making me happy.

You are looking at a brand new custom printed shirt, “Got Labrador?” These shirts are printed using the latest DTG (Direct to Garment) technology. This is not an iron-on or a cheaply printed image, but the best quality print you’ll find anywhere! All of our items are individually custom printed to ensure that you receive the best quality product possible. Be sure to check the size chart before purchasing. L.A.T – Misses Cut.

In a nod to their origins as a hunting/fishing breed, Labrador retrievers are classified as part of the AKC sporting group, which means they’re willing to retrieve anything—from downed ducks to that Frisbee you accidentally flung in the bushes.

Labs are a very gentle, patient breed, and with the right socialization and training, get along famously with children. They share a similar zest for life, excitement and love of playing outdoors. As with any pet, however, it’s never a good idea to leave your Labrador retriever and your kids together alone and unsupervised.

I grew up with labs and my mom always loved the yellows the best, saying they were more mellow. I got my black lab Alice when I graduated high school, who is now 7, and she is the sweetest and friendliest, most beautiful dog! She is always so happy and she does have a lot of energy, so we go to the park to throw her frisbee discs as often as possible. She just has such a wonderful personality and it makes me really love the blacks. I would recommend them, or yellows, for a home family pet because they do so well with children and prove to be very loyal and protective.

Here at AnimalDen.com we are committed to providing you a personal and enjoyable shopping experience. We back all of our Black Lab gifts with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee because we want you to feel comfortable with your purchase. Your order is always safe and secure, and we personally oversee all processing, packaging, and shipping from our on-site warehouse. If you need any assistance while shopping, please contact of our friendly customer service representatives.

Registered Puppies have the guarantee up to 30 months for any Hip and Elbow Dysplasia, PRA-PRCD, RDOSD, EIC, CNM, and Refractory (near sightedness). If any puppy is proven to have any of these diseases, the owner has the option to keep the dog but you must neuter your dog. Most owners have grown attached to their dog and I understand this. I will be happy to give you another puppy out of a similar breeding at your convenience. I strive for the best breeding possible, but as much as I may strive, Mother Nature has her own course and with that being said this means that oddities do happen occasionally. I apologize now if this ever does happen to you. Trust me as much I love these 4-legged Angels on this Earth more so than humans, I will be just as upset if not more, over your dog having anything at all wrong with it.

Black Labs, Chocolate Labs and Yellow Labs, portrayed by Nigel Hemming. Nigel Hemming is regarded by many as one of the country’s leading painters of working dogs – his images often bearing a narrative theme. He says that he tries to paint pictures not simply of dogs, but about them. The appeal of his work led to his being presented with the Fine Art Trade Guild Published Artist Award in 1996.

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  1. While individual dogs may vary, in general show-bred Labradors are heavier built, slightly shorter-bodied, and have a thicker coat and tail. Field Labradors are generally longer-legged, lighter, and more lithe in build, making them agile. In the head, show Labradors tend to have broader heads, better defined stops, and more powerful necks, while field Labradors have lighter and slightly narrower heads with longer muzzles.[40][41] Field-bred Labradors are commonly higher energy and more high-strung compared to the Labrador bred for conformation showing while conformation breeds are calmer in energy, and as a consequence may be more suited to working relationships than being a “family pet”.[40][41] Some breeders, especially those specialising in the field type, feel that breed shows do not adequately recognise their type of dog, leading to occasional debate regarding officially splitting the breed into subtypes.[42]
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    The AKC’s stats show that the large-dog trend started to gather steam in 1972, as breeds such as Labs, Doberman pinschers, and Rottweilers showed steady increases from year to year. The trend continued throughout the ’90s; at some points in the decade, only one of the AKC’s Toy breeds—a group that includes diminutive dogs such as the Shih Tzu and the Yorkshire terrier—cracked the list’s annual top 10.

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