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Breeders must agree to have all test results, positive or negative, published in the CHIC database. A dog need not receive good or even passing scores on the evaluations to obtain a CHIC number, so CHIC registration alone is not proof of soundness or absence of disease, but all test results are posted on the CHIC website and can be accessed by anyone who wants to check the health of a puppy’s parents. If the breeder tells you she doesn’t need to do those tests because she’s never had problems in her lines and her dogs have been “vet checked,” then you should go find a breeder who is more rigorous about genetic testing.

Yellow, Chocolate and Black Lab Christmas Cards, see our collection of dozens of Labrador Themed Holiday Greetings. Labs with Santa Hats, tangled in Christmas Lights, Labradors in Sleighs, in the Snow, with Christmas Trees, Labradors meeting Santa Claus,… Cards featuring Yellow Labs, Chocolate Labs, Black Labs, Labrador puppies and adult Labrador dogs. Click to view our Labrador Christmas Cards.

We knew with a unique name like Over Under, we would have some questions about what our name has to do with fine clothing and our retriever logo. Well, it all started with a shotgun. Over 100 years ago, a shotgun was introduced that has since become widely known as one of the finest styled sporting firearms to date. Built with only the choicest woods and metals and crafted with smooth lines and detailed hand engraving, the Over Under shotgun became not only a tool for wing-shooting, but also a work of art. At Over Under, we have created apparel and accessories that embody detailed work of the classic firearm that captivated the attention of the sporting world. Our hand selected American cotton provides durability and softness and our guaranteed bridle leather comes from only the highest quality USA steer hides. Much like a fine firearm, our apparel displays eye-catching detail. We guarantee that each article fits and feels as great as it looks. All of our apparel and accessories have been hand chosen and crafted especially for you. Just like the elite Over Under Shotguns from the days of old, we at Over Under Clothing feel that the quality and timelessness of our products make each piece of clothing an exceptional hand crafted work of art.

Stylish and extremely comfortable! 100% spun polyester 6.4 oz anti-pill MICRO fleece, full zip unlined jacket. Reverse coil zippers. Fused stretch sleeve pocket for personal MP3 player or your Labrador Yellow dog treats. Front pockets with zipper tunnels. Shock cord drawstring at hem. Two, side zip pockets. Two bone zipper pulls. We directly embroider your Labrador Yellow in the ‘Mini’ size on left chest, showing pride in ownership. Our exclusive paw/bone design on back yoke. This jacket washes beautifully and is true to size.

Pop Art by artist Alicia Vannoy. Her paintings are designed to make you smile! This black labrador from a vibrant acrylic on canvas painting is available not only as an art print, but printed on various merchandise as well.

The poodle, meanwhile, which used to be seen as an intelligent, energetic companion, now comes off as a high-maintenance priss. When John Steinbeck’s Travels With Charley came out in 1962, no one was surprised that the titular dog—Steinbeck’s traveling companion on a cross-country road trip—was a standard poodle. The dogs were seen as hardy and tough. But ask a non-poodle owner today to describe the breed, and she’ll probably bring up bouffant fur and a yappy demeanor.

we lost our lab 2 years ago she was 13 years old we had her for the last 5 years of her life prior to that she had been a working dog but due to Arthritis had to retire she was a freebie. She was a marvellous companion always ready for a walk and to play with the grand children, clean around the house everything a lab is known for. We were devastated when we lost her. When my wife was ill Tara was her constant companion she knew when the wife was having a bad day it was uncanny

To determine the correct collar size, you will need to measure your dog’s neck. For a regular day- to-day collar, use a fabric tape measure and measure by wrapping it comfortably around the base of your dog’s neck, with enough room to fit three fingers in between the tape and your dog. For a control collar, you will need to take another measurement at the top of the neck, directly behind the ears, to correspond with the size of the collar in the closed position. Once you have taken these measurements, let our Orvis Pet Experts help you select the right collar size.

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Think about your favourite people. Now condense their finest traits: gentleness; tendency to observe and listen; sensory delight in the world around; unmitigated joy at communion with nature and intuition for the way you feel. That’s your labrador.

My Katie baby…I love my Lab….I love to talk to her and tell her how beautiful she is. I know she listens to me when I talk to her. I love to play with her I like to play hide and seek with her and she’s the cutest when she finds me, her little ears bounce up and down and she prances over to where I’m at. Katelyne is 6 months old and growing up so well. I love my yellow lab, my life companion.

I love my Lab! She’s the sweetest girl ever, love kids, gentle, patient, kind, sweet as can be. We use to have a black lab before April came along but he was hit by a car, he has a special spot under a big tree in our yard, because of him we instantly fell in love with labs. I tell ya, once you get a lab in your life, no other breed will surpass your desire. They become part of your family and you grow to love them as such. God bless them labs.

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