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Ken Bailey: “Art and painting always came easy to me. I started painting in the seventh gradeand was quite serious about it from the beginning. My formal art education was through the University of Utah. However my degree was in Geography which has helped me tremendously with my landscapes paintings.”

Labrador detractors (How is there such a thing? What is wrong with you people?) will say I can’t possibly know that they are the best breed of dog because I have nothing to compare them to, but I’ve known skittish, yappy, excitable, bouncy dogs with short attention spans and know that the solid presence of a slightly-overweight lab brings a type of faithful calm that says: I’m here. I’m here.

The Labrador Retriever originated in Newfoundland, Canada and is believed to have descended from the now extinct “St. John’s Water Dog”. Labrador Retriever’s where trained to help retrieve fishing nets from the icy cold waters of the North Atlantic. Their dense, water-repellant coats, swimming skills and hard working nature made them the perfect dog for this task. In the early 19th century, the Duke of Malmesbury began breeding Labrador Retrievers in England. He was also responsible for the name “Labradors”. Labs where first recognized by The British Kennel Club in 1903 and the American Kennel Club in 1917. It is also one of the most popular assistance dog breeds in Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States and many other countries, as well as being widely used by police and other official bodies for their detection and working abilities.

Labradors are high energy dogs. They require lots of exercise to keep them mentally stimulated, fit and to ward off their tendency towards obesity. As puppies they need up to 2 hours of training and exercise each day. As adults they are very sociable and are happy with families where they can join in on daily outings.

Bloat and Gastric Volvulus– Large deep-chested breeds are prone to bloat, which is where the stomach rapidly expands with gas and fluid. Bloat can often then lead to torsion or twisting of the stomach, which is rapidly fatal if not treated immediately.

hello!! i have a yellow lab luffy(named after the manga character monkey d. luffy), he is adorable and fun and he acts like the character he is named after . just like a ball of energy he comes and lightens the house . he is a sweetheart to my grandparents who were scared of dogs earlier on .. he has become the most integral part of the family . and we all love him dearly

Generally, Labrador retrievers are a healthy breed. Typical issues can include hip and knee dysplasia, and eye problems, which are all unfortunately common in most dog breeds as they age. You can expect to share 10-12 wonderful years with your Lab.

Stylish and extremely comfortable! 100% spun polyester 6.4 oz anti-pill MICRO fleece, full zip unlined jacket. Reverse coil zippers. Fused stretch sleeve pocket for personal MP3 player or your Labrador Yellow dog treats. Front pockets with zipper tunnels. Shock cord drawstring at hem. Two, side zip pockets. Two bone zipper pulls. We directly embroider your Labrador Yellow in the ‘Mini’ size on left chest, showing pride in ownership. Our exclusive paw/bone design on back yoke. This jacket washes beautifully and is true to size.

In 2014, the UK breed survey reported an average lifespan for the Labrador Retriever of 12 years and 3 months, with some living up to 19 years of age.[60] Labrador pups generally are not brought to the home before they are 8 weeks old.[61]

NOTE: The pictures make him look black, but I can attest that he is the beautiful chocolate color these labs are known for having. Great displayed only condition – one small blemish in paint on his ri…

Our outdoor decor section offers Lab garden sculptures, mailboxes, garden statues, flags and windsocks, a Lab shoe brush, weathervanes, windchimes, address markers … Celebrate the season and “plant” Labs around your house!

It would be a good thing to walk your Labrador everyday even if he has a large yard. Labs are energetic and enjoy being active, playing games, and participating in activities like flyball, agility, swimming, tracking, and obedience. They especially enjoy ball and retrieving games like fetch.

Look into a labrador’s eyes. Love comes back. Labradors are a perpetual version of how your favourite 13-year-old son (yes, like my dogs, I have favourite children) was before he entered the dark tunnel of adolescence and decided to hate you. They are highly intelligent and happiest by your side, quizzically examining the people and other dogs around them.

Labrador Retrievers are medium to large sized dogs with a smooth short coat and a powerful, otter like tail. These intelligent dogs make great family pets but they do need a lot of exercise, mental stimulation and training. They enjoy long walks and truly love water. A well exercised Lab is a happy Lab!

Please consider the costs to fix the following: Cataract surgery @$4500, ACL @$4000, Elbow Replacement @$3000/ea, Bad Heart-Most won’t pay for heart surgery, Retinal Dysplasia’s–going blind or retinal detachment–no replacement but surgical costs @$4-8k.

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To learn more about training your dog to be calm and well-behaved, my dog training book is Teach Your Dog 100 English Words. It’s a unique Vocabulary and Respect Training Program that will teach your dog to listen to you and do whatever you ask.

6. Labradors appreciate everything you do for them. No gesture is too small or too short – Labradors are just happy to be loved and cared for and every minute you spend with them just makes them love you more.

It is important that after the pup stops biting, you replace the object of objection with something it should chew on. As soon as the pup bites down on this other object (toy, bone, etc), praise it using a very happy and higher pitch voice. This practice is considered positive training and instead of teaching the pup what not to do, you are replacing a negative action with a positive action. After a while, you will just have to say “No Bite!” and the pup will automatically release upon command.

Labs also see veterinarians frequently because they have eaten something they shouldn’t. It’s not unusual for Labs to undergo multiple surgeries to remove hand towels, toys, corn cobs and other items they’ve swallowed that then cause an intestinal blockage.

Let your dog stand up and place your dogs paw on a blank piece of paper. For length mark from the longest toenail to the back of the paw. For width mark the widest of the paw left to right. Measure paw’s width for the best fit.

I also forgot to note that I myself have a black lab mixed with 1/4 golden retriever. His mother was an american “field” bred chocolate lab, so in theory, he should be more energetic than the average english “bench variety” but he is actually quite mellow, and great with children, and the laziest retriever, lol, especially for a one year old. I’m not sure if the golden mellowed him out or what, but compared to other labs I’ve seen his age, he acts like an old man.

Not all of these conditions are detectable in a growing puppy, and it can be hard to predict whether an animal will be free of these maladies, which is why you must find a reputable breeder who is committed to breeding the healthiest animals possible.  They should be able to produce independent certification that the parents of the dog (and grandparents, etc.) have been screened for these defects and deemed healthy for breeding. That’s where health registries come in.

Fans of Chocolate Labrador Retrievers will find the best Chocolate Lab gifts at Animal Den. Indeed, we have the biggest collection of premium-quality chocolate Labrador gifts, apparel, home and office décor, jewelry and collectibles – all at affordable prices. Start or add to your collection of keepsake holiday ornaments with our delightful finds in Chocolate Labrador-theme Christmas tree ornament finds featuring this trusting dog breed. Their gentle, intelligent nature makes Labrador Retrievers among the most popular dog breeds in the United States and United Kingdom.

Outside North America and Western Europe, the Labrador arrived later. For example, the Russian Retriever Club traces the arrival of Labradors to the late 1960s, as household pets of diplomats and others in the foreign ministry.[73] The establishment of the breed in the Commonwealth of Independent States (former USSR) was initially hindered by the relatively small numbers of Labradors and great distances involved, leading to difficulty establishing breedings and bloodlines;[73] at the start of the 1980s, home-born dogs were still regularly supplemented by imports from overseas.[73] Difficulties such as these initially led to Labradors being tacitly cross-bred to other types of retriever.[73] In the 1990s, improved access to overseas shows and bloodlines is said to have helped this situation become regularised.[73]

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    Prints of original Labrador Retriever paintings, photographs, and digital images by Amy Reges. I strive to capture an emotion or moment in time in a simple, abstract style; the essence of the feeling we share with our animal friends. If you are interested in the original Labrador Retriever paintings visit OtterTail Lab Art and contact Amy at otail@htva.net. Share the Spirit!

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