“Best american labrador retriever colorado _golden retriever and labrador retriever same breed”

5. Labradorian is a universal language. I have traveled the world. I can be in a foreign country where I don’t even speak the language but when I see a Lab I can usually pull my cell phone out and show the human a picture of my Labs and they understand that I need to sit down with their Lab and get licked and loved on. All truly civilized societies have Labs.

Before individual Labradors can be included in the Canine Health Information Center (CHIC) database, the Labrador Retriever Club requires them to have hip and elbow certifications from the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and certification from the Canine Eye Registry Foundation (CERF).

In both the United Kingdom and the United States, there are well over twice as many Labradors registered as the next most popular breed.[80][81] If the comparison is limited to dog breeds of a similar size, then there are around 3–5 times as many Labradors registered in both countries as the next most popular breeds, the German Shepherd Dog and Golden Retriever.[80][81]

The rest is basic maintenance. Trim the nails every week or two, as needed. They should never get long enough that you hear them clacking on the floor. Long nails can make it uncomfortable for the Lab to walk, and they can get caught on things and tear off. That’s really painful, and it will bleed a lot. Brush the teeth frequently with a vet-approved pet toothpaste for good dental health and fresh breath.

The great thing about breed rescue groups is that they tend to be very upfront about any health conditions the dogs may have and are a valuable resource for advice. They also often offer fostering opportunities so, with training, you could bring a Bulldog home with you to see what the experience is like.

My belief is that ALL dogs are beautiful and loving and deserve the absolute best in life full of love and attention. Love’s Labradors are special. Love’s Labradors are superior in the following ways: looks, personalities, huntability, precise marking and controlled blinds, birdiness, loving, gentleness, solid energy and past and present proven National Champions and lineage. Love’s Labradors goes the extra measure that others should. Why do other breeders not go the distance? Because as long as there are buyers out there that buy dogs from less than the best in breeding, breeding facilities, breeding standards & health testing then the breeders remain at minimal standards. Raising their standards decreases the amount of money they make. I disagree with that; I expect the absolute best and so should you. Yes, my standards are superior. Perhaps someday ‘the other so-called breeders” will make my standards the normal. I look forward to that day as one should only have the best breed dogs supplied by qualified breeders to the public. I hope to have your business, but more importantly you should hope to have one of Love’s Labradors.

So where did the Labrador actually come from? Their origins are complex, combining Portugal, Newfoundland and Britain in their ancestry. They were originally Canadian fishing dogs, whose ancestors were taken on to work on the Portuguese cod trawlers off the remote Canadian island of Newfoundland. 

Item one: Labs shed. A lot. You’ll have less hair lying around the house if you brush your Lab once or twice a week so that the hair goes onto the brush instead of onto your furniture and clothes. A rubber curry brush and a metal shedding blade or wire slicker brush are your new best friends.

Dogs are living, breathing, sentient creatures that each come with their own personality and set of characteristics, just like people. Because we rarely know the backgrounds of the dogs in our program, we can’t make definitive statements about their health or temperaments. We can only provide information about our observations of the dog while it is in our program and our homes. We do not take our dogs to dog parks and generally don’t recommend them for rescue dogs, there are too many unknowns.

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I have been painting animal portraits from an early age. Contemporary Art and Illustration. Series: Black Labrador. Limited Signed Print. Original media used: Ink pen, water-colour on Water-colour board.

When adopting a Labrador, you will be asked to make a contribution which will be dependant on the age, health and general well being of the dog. Please contact you nearest Area Coordinator for further information.

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How far would you go for your best friend? They sit beside you with their head in your lap. They lick you on the face. They wait for you till you come home. They fetch the ball for you. They love you, no matter what. Ok, so we admit it: we are … [ Read More ]

Some people leave food down for their dog’s to ‘graze’ on.  I prefer my dogs to eat their meals up fairly quickly, and have found that some dogs are more likely to be ‘picky’ if they know they can come back to their dinner later on.

Pet Art by Angie offers whymsical, fun dog art! A lifelong avid animal lover, Angie’s love of animals, combined with an exceptional use of color & expressive style capture the unique personality of each animal portrayed.

Our labrador is 13 years old although he doesn’t look it. He is having the classic signs of ageing: arthritis and some loss of hearing, a new symptom appeared recently. Some nights after we go to sleep he seems to get a bit agitated and disoriented, he paces the floor going back and forth, I’ve tried talking to him and rubbing him gently on his back but it doesn’t help. The Vet gave us a medication for anxiety Alprazolam 1 mg and it does work. I’m reluctant to give it to him regularly so I only use it when he begins to get agitated. We also give him Gloucosamine. I’ll be grateful if you have any comments to share.

Show your love of shed hunting and shed dogs with this great design (C) Diane & Rob Richardson jr & Shed Dog Outdoors
A Labrador Retriever leaping through the Shed Dog Outdoors ™  logo carrying the great shed antler she found!

Title “Labrador Retriever”. The Artist reserves all reproduction rights. Size Image10″ x 8″;Paper11″ x 8.5″(Fits in standard 8″ x 10″ frame). Medium Limited Edition Artist Signed Giclee Print on Heavy…

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